Recruitment process and methods

We achieve the best results by applying flexible recruitment methods based on the nature of the job position


1. We learn about your company and the position

We research the company and analyze the nature of the position, as well as the areas of responsibility associated with the role, the duties to be fulfilled and the competences required. We then select the most appropriate candidate assessment method and decide on the most convenient method of communication during our co-operation.


2. We search for candidates in databases and social networks

We search for and approach candidates from our confidential database of candidates, and scour social networks and other online CV databases available. We also approach candidates who have participated in previous searches, whom we have already interviewed and whose competencies we have evaluated.


3. We advertise the position on job sites and social networks

We create an attractive job ad and invite qualified candidates to apply. In some cases confidential job advertising is used. We advertise jobs on the most popular job sites in Latvia as well as on Facebook and LinkedIn.


4. We conduct interviews and evaluate competencies

We discover how a candidate has previously dealt with complicated or pressured situations at work and his/her suitability for the job by using structured competence interviews.


5. We collect references

We collect references from previous employers, colleagues and/or subordinates of your chosen candidate, thereby verifying the candidate’s capabilities and achievements, as well as authenticating facts that were ascertained during the assessment phase.


6. We provide support and advice

We ensure professional support within the framework of our co-operation. As part of this, we assist in job offer negotiations and, following the start of work, we maintain feedback with the candidate and the company, thus providing a guarantee for the selected employee.

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