What does Staffing mean?

Staffing is a professional service to hire additional employees and contractors without direct employment


Employee replacement

We provide temporary employees for positions where no training is required or short training can be provided, thus replacing your employees during vacation period, sick leave, childcare leave or any other type of absence.


Temporary staffing (starting from 3 months)

If your company is exposed to seasonal peaks and troughs of business, employee leasing is a quick and efficient way to attract additional temporary workers and qualified employees when required.


Starting a business in Latvia without establishing a local company

We become a valuable partner for foreign companies by providing advice, personnel administration and payroll solutions that comply with Latvian laws.



Compliance with headcount limits

By entrusting the administration of certain employees to a staffing service provider in Latvia, international companies can stay abreast of the number of permanent employees in the company, ensuring higher internal workforce efficiency.


Employee transfer to a staffing agency - Outstaffing in Latvia

By using an HR outsourcing service, you are able to considerably reduce time spent on personnel administration in Latvia.



Relocation to Latvia

We support our clients when hiring qualified specialists and experts from EU countries and further afield. We also support international companies that relocate employees and expats to Latvia. We provide immigration support and assistance related to obtaining a visa, residence permit, or work permit in Latvia.

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