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Why us

WorkingDay Latvia is the largest recruitment company in Latvia. Our main asset is our team of highly skilled and professional employees. The experience we have accumulated over a period of more than 20 years, our unique candidate resources and vast knowledge of various business sectors have laid the foundations of our path in becoming recruitment experts.

By applying appropriate recruitment methods to the needs of each customer and the specific nature of the particular position, we provide Recruitment, Executive Search, Headhunting and Staffing services for local and international companies.

Our services for employers

We provide consultative recruitment services for local and international companies



We will find the specialist you require. We attain the best results by applying flexible recruitment methods to match the customer’s needs and the nature of the position.


Executive Search

We will find you a top manager. In the course of our two-decade history, we have accumulated industry insight and possess unique candidate resources, which are crucial when recruiting top executives.



We approach the best executives and experts who are not actively seeking new opportunities.


Staffing / Employee Leasing

We offer efficient solutions for long-term and short-term hiring of additional employees without the need employ them directly.


Candidate Assessment

Be confident in what you choose - entrust the assessment of candidates to our experienced recruitment specialists.


Career Academy

Read useful articles on HR management, business and development.

Our Services for Employees

We offer information about new career opportunities and job market updates


Jobs available

Find your dream job. Find job offers that suit your experience and interests.


Job agent

Receive tailored job offers in your e-mail. Indicate your interests to get a weekly customized e-mail with job opportunities suited to you.


Confidential jobs

Participate in the recruitment of confidential jobs not published online. Job offers for top-level executives and high-ranking industry experts in Latvia.


Upload your CV to our database

Send in your CV and allow us to bring new career opportunities to your attention.


Career Academy

Read interesting articles for your career growth and development.


Meet the team

Powerful team that will select qualified candidates quickly and professionally

Agnese Kokneviča

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Tel. +371 67803361

Mob. tel. +371 26434773

Vita Šaroka

Recruitment Consultant

Tel. +371 67803363

Mob. tel. +371 26031065

Eva Kondratova

Recruitment Consultant

Tel. +371 67803369

Mob. tel. +371 25453004

Jūlija Zaharova

Recruitment Consultant

Tel. +371 67803366

Mob. tel. +371 26628054

Andris Jansons

Executive Search Consultant, Sales and Marketing Specialization Lead

Tel. +371 67803366

Mob. tel. +371 29237199

Inese Jušvajeva

Executive Search Consultant, Banking and Finance Specialization Lead

Tel. +371 67803366

Mob. tel. +371 29184433

Jolanta Saukāne

Executive Search Specialization Lead

Tel. +371 67803366

Mob. tel. +371 26137153

Ieva Pilskalliete

IT Recruitment Specialization Lead

Tel. +371 67803366

Mob. tel. +371 28336170

Baiba Ozoliņa

Recruitment Specialist

Tel. +371 67803366

Mob. tel. +371 29592278

Anna Ševčenkova

Senior IT Recruitment Specialist

Tel. +371 67803366

Mob. tel. +371 26345204

Ilze Kļaviņa

Recruitment Specialist

Tel. +371 67803366

Mob. tel. +371 27886786

Anna Mažarova

IT Recruitment Specialist

Tel. +371 67803366

Mob. tel. +371 28723242

Santa Veilande

Recruitment Specialist

Tel. +371 67803366

Mob. tel. +37126425715

Enija Cara

Talent Sourcer

Tel. +371 67803366

Mob. tel. +371 26779869

Ervīns Ainārs Balodis

Recruitment Assistant

Tel. +371 67803366

Mob. tel. +371 22481066

Dina Grabovska

Personnel Administration Manager

Tel. +371 67803366

Mob. tel. +371 25770095

Linda Krūmiņa

Senior Executive Search Consultant

Tel. +371 67803366

Mob. tel. +371 29469432

Tomass Barilo

Chairman of the Board

Tel. +371 67803366

Mob. tel. +371 29461571

Māris Silinieks

Marketing Director

Tel. +371 67803366

Mob. tel. +371 29245473

Rūta Borisova

on vacation

Tel. +371 67803366

Mob. tel.

Ināra Tjurjapina

on vacation

Tel. +371 67803366

Mob. tel.

Jolanta Nimroda

on vacation

Tel. +371 67803366

Mob. tel.

Our specialization

Sectors in which we have the most experience