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Is this vacancy still open?

Each and every vacancy published on the WorkingDay homepage is open. As soon as the competition has been concluded, our data operator removes it from the site.

Why has that vacancy been posted on the site since last autumn?

a) There are individual projects that continue throughout the year. Or in other words, an employer can create a job vacancy at any time and offer the job to a suitable candidate, if such emerges.

b) Sometimes personnel selection projects are very complex and there are only a few specialists in Latvia who are suitable for the position - in some cases it takes more than half a year to find and hire such a specialist.

Do I have to pay for WorkingDay services?

Yes, but only if you are an employer. If you are a candidate - feel free at home! 

I applied for a job - why didn’t I receive a reply?

Starting from February 11, 2004, everybody shall receive a reply, because one employee was hired specifically for this purpose. 
If there is still no answer, please check your spam folder - the answer may be there.

How do I unsubscribe from the Job Agent service?

At the end of each Job Agent email, there is a link that you can use to unsubscribe from the service.

How do I change my Job Agent profile?

Fill out the entire Job Agent service form once again and next time, you shall receive a letter according to your new preferences.

How to write a motivation letter? How to write the best CV? How to behave at the interview?

Look for the Career Academy section on this page. There you will find answers to almost every question. 

Do I need send an application in to each job separately, or can I send in one application specifying all vacancies I’m interested in?

Every job position requires a new CV application. Your chances will increase if your CV is adapted to each specific job position.

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