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Is your vacancy still current?

Each and every vacancy published on the WorkingDay homepage is current. As soon as the competition has been concluded,our data operator removes it from the Internet.
He has good reason to do this, because everytime he forgets, we cut off one of his fingers.

Why has that vacancy been posted on the site since last autumn?...

a) There are individual projects that continue throughout the year. Or in other words, an employer can create a job vacancy at any time and offer the job to a suitable candidate, if such emerges.
b)If your computer has been switched on since the autumnand the Internet Explorer log has been open all this time with the WorkingDay home page – press key ‘F5’ (refresh). If your keyboard doesn’t have such a key – the time has comefor you to wipe the dust off your keyboard.

Are WorkingDay services for a fee?

Yes, but only for employers. If you’re a job seeker – feel at home! Everything is free. Except for cases, when you’ve got everything off your chest during the job seeking process (this is a free service) and wet tea spoons are aimed in the sugar bowl, or when other material or psychological harm is done.

I sent in an application – why didn’t I receive a reply?

a)Starting from February 11, 2004, Everybody receives a reply, because one employee was hired specifically for this purpose. The exception may be in cases when the application has successfully passed the first round of the selection process and has been passed onto the employer for further consideration. At this point, the employer becomes responsible for replying or not replying.
b)Check your mail. It could be that while you were surfing FAQ, you already received an answer.

I can’t register my CV. I received a reply that there’s already a user with my e-mail address.

You’ve already registered using this e-mail address. Only one job seeker can be registered per e-mail address. If your relative, friend or other good person wants to use your e-mail address to register in the WorkingDay system – this will not be possible. Suggest that he or she open their own e-mail address with one of the Internet’s free service providers. On the Internet, these are like ‘leaves in autumn’

How can I decline the ‘Job Agent’ service?

Better not hurry...what if it proves useful to you? But, if you’ve made your mind up andAre determined to reject the company of thisoptimistic guy– open the ‘Job Agent’s’ application form, enter your name and e-mail address, leave the rest of the form empty and press the ‘Go’ key.
Sadly, from now on you Will only hear about the ‘Job Agent’s’ Funny letters from your friends.

How can I change my‘Job Agent’ profile?

Fill out the entire ‘Job Agent’ form once again and the following week, you will receive a letter in reply to your new request.
But in truth that guy has a very good profile. High forehead, large nose. Everything you need – why change it? :-)

How to write an application letter? How to write the best CV? How to behave at interview?

Look for the ‘Career Academy’ section on this page. There you will find the answers to almost every question. Besides, there you will find the Job Agent’s jokes which will have you doubling over with laughter :-)

Do I need send an application in to each competition separately, or can I send in one application specifying the vacancies I’m interested in?

Every position requires a new application. Send in a new application, beforehand, amending your application letter and CV for each position. Your chances will increase if your application is adapted to each specific position. You can make the application process easier by entering your CV in the WorkingDay database.

Can I borrow 100 EUR until pay day?


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